Trish Kruger, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Trish Kruger, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, is a professional counselor who has a diverse background including nature awareness, parenting, art, natural foods, alternative medicine, meditation, yoga, and entrepreneurship… blended with a graduate degree in clinical mental health counseling from Western Carolina University that allows her to offer a holistic, integrative approach to her clients.

Trish’s counseling process includes solution-focused behavior therapy, mindfulness, and person-centered thinking. Trish is trained in trauma-informed care and motivational interviewing to help you address difficult life challenges and the changes needed to move forward. She is dual-licensed as a professional counselor and clinical addiction specialist.

Trish is a mother of two, potter, and community-minded counselor. Her kids have grown to young adulthood and have chosen careers in health care and outdoor leadership. She grew up in Michigan, where she studied Business Administration at Central Michigan University. She formerly owned two health food stores. Additionally, she has studied yoga, conflict resolution, effective communication, and positive discipline for children and teens. Along with talk therapy, she values including nature, experiential methods, mindfulness and expressive arts in her practice.

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